Brief description of harmonizing

eVY1 can be to harmonize singing voice.
Therefore, We use a "PITCH CHG" in the Variation Effect .
I'll explain easily the way.

You let harmonize from it by setting a "No.1 Pitch" in XG Parameters Table.
Specifically, will be as follows.

(1) Set XG ON.
(2) The type of Variation effect is the PITCH CHG1.
(3) Set System effects on the Variation effect.
  (It is also possible in the Insertion effect but this time System effects.)
(4) Set the PARAM1 (Pitch) of PITCH CHG.
  (-3 Semitone in the figure above, 64 is ± 0)
(5) Specify lyrics.
(6) The Variation send level to a maximum.
(7) When a note on, the voice of -3 semitone is added to the note voice.
(8) The Variation send level to a minimum.
(9) When a note on, additional sound is not attached.

It is also possible to re-set the PARM1 (Pitch) of PITCH CHG.
(+4 Semitone in the figure above)

It is amazing to harmonize from rich effects of XG.
But you will not hear beautiful when it exceeds ± 5.

You can also set other parameters.
For example, it is pronounced additional voice is delayed by increasing the value of the "No.2 Initial Delay".

There is a site that has been detailed explain XG effects.
I think that the there should you get a reference.
Try various effects also.

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