The microphone connection

You can connect a microphone to eVY1 module. (Ver. later)

Circuit is as follows.

Enable the microphone mode

Sending a F0 43 79 09 02 07 7F F7.
This setting has been retained even when the power is turned off.
You do not need to do every time.
(It takes time of about one second to write to the internal ROM)

Mike voice comes from the headphones when you enable.

The adjustment of microphone input volume

Microphone sound small, distorted, noise is a concern, to adjust the microphone input volume.
Sending a F0 43 79 09 02 04 xx F7 (see MIDI description page for details)
Placing the initial value as the data because this configuration does not hold.
(The default is xx = 4Ch: 0 [dB])

Settings of AD Part

Microphone input to use the AD Part 1.
When the power is turned on, AD Part is set as follows.

If the distortion is to reduce the microphone input volume in such anxious, please adjust the volume with the Volume parameter.

Let's harmonize the microphone input.

Set the PITCH CHG1 of Variation effect in AD Part1.
Variations connect wish to apply effects only to the microphone.
Therefore set to Insertion Effect.

Let's enter the voice from the microphone.
You hear in harmony.

Microphone input is also one of the sound source.
Because you can apply effects to AD Part 1, please be variously try.

On the characteristics of the microphone input, the noise will be heard.
Please disable the microphone mode when you do not want to use the microphone.

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