eVY1 module is a sound module equipped with a "eVY1"*2 using the "NSX-1"*1 in collaboration with Yamaha Corporation.
It is a MIDI sound module to sing. (Japanese only)
It is a hardware Vocaloid.*4

"eVY1 board" is
- eVY1 tone generator deployment.
- Serial port is switched with a jumper pin.
- Stereo mini-jack output.
It is connected with a PC in a micro USB connector.

In addition, You perform the control from Arduino via a serial port.
You can change a hardware serial port and a software serial port with a jumper pin.

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Description of how to use the eVY1 board and the PC is here.
  [eVY1 Box]

 New Information

Let's enjoy eVY1 board/module. Examples used in Arduino compatible board


  • eVY1 tone generator deployment.
  • Serial communication input (MIDI protocol).
  • Headphone output.
  • Connects with PC by USB Audio Device Class (USB MIDI Class).
  • External reset button input.
  • LED control (user lit possible)
Tone generation specification
System eVocaloidTM*3 + General MIDI
Maximum polyphony 64
Number of voices eVocaloidTM*3 (1)
General MIDI (128)
Drum kits (1)
Effector Reverb (29)
Chorus (24)
Insertion (181)
Hardware specification
Serial interface UART Voltage level 3.3V
USB MIDI (USB Audio Device Class 1.0)、USB 1.1
Audio output Headphone output (RL=16Ω)
Speaker output (RL=8Ω, 400mW)
 Intended for use in the eVY1 module.
 There is no speaker terminal on shield board.
 Volume is a grade which can be heard in the room.
LED ports 4 ports (3.3V 1mA drive、does not flow over the 1mA)
Supply voltage DC5V±5%
Operating temperature -20 〜 70 ℃
Pin function list eVY1Module Pin Function List
Software specification
Serial Communication Inerface
Bit length  8
Start bit  1
Stop bit  1
Parity bit  none
Transfer rate  31250 bps or 38400 bps
Program change
CH.1  eVocaloid only (eVY1)
 Not receive the program change
 Monophonic pronunciation
CH.2 - CH.16  General MIDI voices
System exclusive message GM ON、XG parameter、Lyrics data etc.
Not received other than Yamaha ID
Some Yamaha ID still does not received
(such as music instrument specific)
Other MIDI messages Channel message
Lyrics data Transfer by System exclusive or NRPN.
Continuous operating time 8 hour (eVocaloid specification)
If exceeded, requires power off, reset, and NSX-1 reboot, etc.
Note SysEx of USB-MIDI seems to missing in Windows XP sometimes.
Please use the Windows Vista or later.

 Block diagram


                       *It is a specification of Ver.1.10 or later.
                        There is no speaker terminal on shield board.



This product does not designed and manufactured as intended to be used in the following:
Advanced facilities and equipment that require reliability, Medical, Aerospace, Nuclear power, Related to human life equipment and system, etc.

*1 NSX-1 is a tone generator LSI that can be output by the singing voice virtual singer's popular around the Internet dedicated sound source by "eVocaloidTM*3".
*2 eVY1 is a library that was produced in the "eVocaloidTM*3" dedicated to original Japanese female voice library "VY1".

*3 eVocaloid is a trademark of Yamaha Corporation.
*4 Vocaloid is a trademark of Yamaha Corporation.

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