The eVY 1 Box

[In use]
- The design, functions and specifications of this product are subject to change without notice to improve performance and safety.
- In addition, the price may be changed, and the documents, handling instructions and the actual product may be different.
- This product is protected by copyright and industrial property rights, and the rights belong to our company.

[About warranty]
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1. The power of this product is DC5V supplied from USB cable.
Do not use any other power supply.
2. Check the connector pin numbers of this product and handle correctly.
3. Immediately stop using if you notice smoke, strange odor or sound.
Please unplug the power.
4. Do not modify, forcibly bend, twist, or pull the USB cable that supplies power.

1. Please note that parts may be damaged by static electricity.
2.Use near dusty places, places exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, places that are unstable, places subject to vibration or impact, places where there is a possibility of falling, places that are wet or damp, or those that generate magnetism, Avoid storage.
3. Avoid drop, impact and load.
It installed eVY1 module and attached MIDI terminal and LINE OUT terminal.
We think that people who can not handle the board can easily use it.

- USB terminal(micro USB) is for input of music (USB-MIDI) and power supply input (5 V).
- Connect the headphone jack to the headphones. (Φ3.5 stereo)
- Connect the LINEOUT terminal to an audio device such as an amplifier. (Φ3.5 stereo)
- If the headphone jack and LINEOUT jack are connected at the same time, the headphone jack has priority.
- The MIDI OUT terminal is currently unused.
- MIDI IN terminal is for input of song (MIDI).
- Detailed specification of software is same as eVY1 module.
- LED is not on / off.
- There is no built-in speaker.
- Microphone can not be connected.
- Lyrics data can be sent from a PC via USB and played via MIDI with a MIDI keyboard.
- If there is a large amount of data such as note-on, it may not be possible to process.
- Like eVY1 Board / Module, there is a delay in pronunciation.
  Singing fast is weak.
For further information, please contact us.
This product does not designed and manufactured as intended to be used in the following:
Advanced facilities and equipment that require reliability, Medical, Aerospace, Nuclear power, Related to human life equipment and system, etc.

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