Description of the use of the personal computer and eVY1 board

It will briefly explain how to use the eVY1 board and the PC.
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  1. Connection
    Connect the eVY1 board to a PC and an amplifier with speakers or headphones.

  2. Start the DTM application.

  3. MIDI set up
    MIDI device select the "eVY1 MIDI".

  4. GM ON set up
    Enter the GM ON in the System Exclusive.

  5. XG ON set up
    Enter the XG ON in the System Exclusive.

  6. Place the note
    Put C,D,E,F,G,F,E,D,C notes.

  7. Play
    Let's play in this state.


    Did it pronunciation?

  8. Lyrics input
    Convert the lyrics to System Exclusive by lyrics conversion page.
    Enter in the "o ha yo u go za i ma su" but "o ha yo o go za i ma su".
    Enter it as singing.

  9. Enter a System Exclusive.
    That pronunciation is inserted into the little front of the timing is started.

  10. Play
    Let's play in this state.


    Did it pronunciation?
    It is a little mechanical voice.

  11. Put a change.
    (1) When overlapping the notes you hear in legato.
    (2) Let's gently by reducing the velocity.
    (3) Let's vibrato by multiplying the modulation.

  12. Try to apply an effect.
    Look at the XG parameter list can help you set the "Reverb HALL L".
    It would have become a sound, such as listening in the hall?

    The only voice pronunciation description is the end.
  13. Combined with backing
    The backing overlap is required ingenuity.
    It is deviated thing before the pronunciation timing a little.
    you can hear in pronunciation is delayed overlaying the backing at No.12 state.
    This is a problem of voice characteristics.
    (There is of course also computer processing problems.)
    Since finely can not be adjusted, Shifts before the whole little.


How about you?.
Here we explained the very basic thing.
You think that it is interesting to try various ways to try.

Buy a MIDI data in the Yamaha Music data shop, it also might be a good going to put the lyrics.
In that case the lyrics, let's input by about at most 20 sound.
The data length of the system exclusive will take a long time and to transfer.
The pronunciation timing to be in ahead of schedule, to connect to legato, changing the velocity, please try to hunt such as vibrato.
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XG parameter sheet:NSX-1MIDI data sheet (Yamaha corporation github site)

Cooperation:TAKABO SOFT/Domino

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