Song played in eVY1 with GR-SAKURA board

MicroSD card connectors are standard equipment on the GR-SAKURA-FULL board.
I can easily access files by the libraries.
I made a device for playing one song a song file that is stored on the microSD card using the GR-SAKURA-FULL board.

It should wait for a delta time to generate the tempo using a timer interrupt.
However, it was decided to wait with the delayMicroseconds function this time.
I think the error has occurred in the tempo for that.
But please pardon because it heard in its own way.

I will publish a sample sketch here.
Limit is applied on the this program.
SMF format = 0, Time base = 480, Fixed file name = song.mid, Size of less than 100KB, etc.

- Want to variable time base
- Read a plurality of corresponding file
- Eliminate the read size limit
And it would do better if the devise.
When you figure as, "0.mid", "1.mid" the file name, continuous playback of multiple files might be easier.
If ring structure (ring buffer) the read buffer, it might be to lose the read size limit.

I wrote (Arduino also including) the program of GR-SAKURA board for the first time.
I've realized that the serial out and read the file can be easily libraries are provided with aligned.
(I am writing on their own them usually)
You might be able to program more easily.
But please pardon me as GR-SAKURA board beginners.
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